No.1 stronghold and supplier of  OVER THE TOP QUALITY - nose art on leather jackets and accessories.

THE Endless love OF PAINTING.

In 18 years I painted and fitted out a lot of vintage leather and historical flight jackets for private customers or also TV commercials.

My job flows like blood through my vanes and with every breath
I take literally new ideas are streaming to my mind. When I started I took inspiration from a lot of books or photographs but actually all these info is stored in my head.

I discovered own methods to keep the color on the jackets strong and long lasting.

To the pleasure of my customers I´m using the very best high quality jackets on the market available, the best mix of colors and pre- and after-treatment of leather, the coolest accessories like patches or typical WWII lucky charms. 

To figure out more about my work and business feel free to have a look at this website and feel free to contact me if you have any cool projects or questions about pricing and shipping details.

Thx a lot Josh

What I really do is...

not only creating hot shot fashion accessories. It´s much more than that. My work is preserving history and
stories of the greatest generation who sacrificed their lives for our existence.
In balance to that I dedicate my work to them who shall never be forgotten!